Burning issues in learning and teaching about mental health

The Higher Education Academy (subject centres) Special Interest Group for Mental Health and the Mental Health in Higher Education project aim to increase dialogue, across the disciplines, about how mental health is taught.

The next year will see a major restructuring of the Higher Education Academy subject centres and may see the end of funding for the Mental Health in Higher Education project. We are keen to generate some debate about how learning and teaching about mental health within a higher education context can best be supported in the future.
Building on the recent Living and Learning, Learning and Teaching conference, we would like to hear from educators, across the disciplines in higher education, about the burning issues that they face. Ten people (from across a range of disciplines and perspectives have been invited to write accounts to start us off). We are keen to hear YOUR views as well. To submit your burning issue, please click on the 'discussion' tab at the top of this page.

Others are invited to comment and suggest how the issues might - through collective action or in other ways - be responded to.
An opportunity to debate the issues, and their implications for supporting learning and teaching about mental health, will be provided at the next meeting of the
* Higher Education Academy (subject centres) Mental Health Special Interest Group *
to be held at Glasgow Caledonian University on 4 February 2011 from 10.30am to 4.00pm.
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Subsequently it is planned that a selection of submissions will be published as an edited collection.

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  • You may have a whole range of burning issues. Please choose the most important one!
  • Your burning issue may relate to: the content of teaching, your role as educator or student, the immediate context within which you work or study, the broader policy and/or service delivery context, or something else entirely.
  • The word limit is 1000 words.
  • There is no specific format for submissions. However, please note that your aim, as writer, is to convince the reader of the significance of your issue, and of your position on it.
  • Please ensure that you include your name, role and disciplinary area.
Aim to be succinct, persuasive and punchy!
Contributors are welcomed from anyone with involvement in learning and teaching about mental health, including academics, service user and carer educators, students, practice educators and researchers.
Please post your submission by clicking on the 'discussion' tab above
or email it to
Any queries? Please contact Bill Penson or Jill Anderson or

The initial deadline of 10 January has now passed but we are still interested in receiving submissions!

Remember: Rather than (or in addition to) posting your own burning issue, you may choose to respond to one that has already been submitted. Go to discussion tab at the top of this page, click on the submission and respond.